July 6, 2018
1 Month and 15 days left
until our reunion.
It’s 2018 which means thirty trips around the sun have occurred since we passed through the hallowed halls of McCook Senior High School. I don’t know about you, but in my mind, I’m still 25…the mirror gently convinces me otherwise.
I remember giving one of the commencement addresses on that fateful, rainy day in May of 1988…beaming with pride as part of ‘the smartest class in the universe’ (well played Jason Blackwell…well played) but completely unprepared (and quite frankly…terrified) of becoming an adult.

Whether you have fond memories of high school or not, it is one of those common experiences that binds us together as the Class of 1988. (Eighty- Eight! Eighty-Eight! Eighty-Eighty-Eighty Eight!) Let's celebrate!

So, look at your calendar, block off July 6-8, and please plan on attending our 30th Class Reunion in McCook, Nebraska.

What it is:
  • A chance to reconnect with old friends
  • A chance to spend some time in our home town (or for those of you that live in McCook, it’s a chance to…well…have even MORE fun with people you haven’t seen in 30 years!)
  • A chance to make new friends, meet families, and socialize
What it’s not:
  • A popularity contest
  • A chance to prove you’re the richest, smartest, most talented & successful human being on the face of the planet
  • An opportunity to be an a**
So what are you waiting for? Please, please, please consider attending. A small group of us met a few weeks ago to ‘plan’ this reunion. What was supposed to be a one-hour meeting turned into a 12-hour catch-up, complete with laughter and story-telling (ok…and possibly some adult beverages which may have limited our actual planning abilities.) But what a day! I learned:
  • Denise Allacher can toss out the f-bomb like a pro
  • Dean Sprinkle can literally save your life
  • Michelle Roth Armstrong’s sense of humor is alive and well and ‘cups’ now have a whole new meaning
  • Tamara Buckley Scott’s daughter does not like you to leave dishes in the kitchen sink
  • Kathy Pohl Hutchins is fiercely loyal and will do her best to match you drink for drink
  • I, Julie Palic Sloane, apparently suffer from early onset Alzheimer’s OR I went to another high school entirely as I have no recollection of several “how did you not know this?” events from high school
Intrigued? You should be. Come on...it'll be fun!! And just think, it'll be like meeting me for the very first time because I have blocked out every single interesting event from high school! Yup...you can pretty much make s*** up and tell me I was there and I'll just have to believe you. I mean...really...how can you pass that up?

Click on Details of Events to see what's on the agenda.

What to Bring
  • SFYF (Stuff For Your Family) - like lawn chairs, coolers, snacks, etc.  (Note: If you are local and have 'extra' chairs, etc. , please bring them so we can accommodate the travellers.)
  • Your own beverages
  • A sense of humor
  • Any pictures or Yearbooks you still have in your possession
  • Enough $ to get some onion rings from Mac's Drive-In
  • Anyone you think would have a good time at our Reunion

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